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Win-Win Marketplace

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Weekly Savings Spotlight

Cooking Grill

Grills 30% Savings

Embroidered Shirts

Uniforms 10% Savings


Washer 24% Savings

HP Servers

Servers30% Savings

Ice Makers

Makers 31% Savings

Air Filters

Filters 46% Savings

Beef Products

Beef Products 15% Savings

Office Furniture

Office Furniture 28% Savings

Cables Ties

Ties7% Savings

TV Equipment

TV Equipment 9% Savings

Dell Lap Top

PCs45% Savings

Kitchen Fryer

Kitchen Fryer 35% Savings

Power Supply Generator

Supply 29% Savings


IBM Software37% Savings

hotel pillows

Hotel Lodging 26% Savings

Aluminum Bleachers

Bleachers19% Savings

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes 18% Savings

LED Display

LED Display 46% Savings

Pallet Jack

& Jacks 49% Savings

AV Equipment

AV Equipment 28% Savings


HVAC Install 34% Savings

Cargo Container

Cargo Container 17% Savings

Food Service Supplies

Service Supplies 21% Savings

Corrugated Cardboard

Cardboard 44% Savings

Research Materials

Research Materials 40% Savings

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September 22, 2014

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What are FedBid Buyers Saying?

“The precise measurement of cost savings in a process like reverse auctioning is always hard to do. I believe we have achieved verifiable cost savings that have resulted in improved buying power for the Army. The reverse auctioning process clearly works to our benefit as a procuring activity.”
Bryon Young Executive Director of the Army Contracting Command
Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG)

“FedBid made it easy for my facilities managers to use advanced purchasing strategies without additional time, training or cost. In addition, by putting our buying needs through FedBid, we were able to work with Corporate Procurement to streamline the process for getting critical operational purchases done without red tape or delays.”
Lance Hatchey VP of Facilities Management
SunGard AS