Built on Our Belief in a Better Way

As The Buyer-Driven Online Marketplace®, FedBid is the fully-managed online marketplace optimizing the way governments, businesses and educational institutions buy the goods and services they need. 

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We set course to transform the world of B2G and B2B commerce by introducing a competition driven e-commerce spend management solution more than a decade ago —The Buyer-Driven Online Marketplace®—a platform built on the belief that there’s a better way for organizations to buy smart, save money, and reduce risk on the purchases they make every day.

Thousands of public and private Buyers alike have increased procurement efficiency and saved hundreds of millions of dollars. Simultaneously, Sellers across the nation have accessed billions in sales opportunities while maximizing administrative and sales efficiency. It's all possible, thanks to FedBid’s online marketplace.

Buyers, you'll save serious time and money on the essentials your organization needs.

Sellers, get ready access a world of new customer opportunities.

In addition to benefiting businesses of every size, the marketplace is a proven positive force among local economies. We're proud to help communities, schools and even families thrive.

The FedBid bottom line?
The advantages to Buyers and Sellers are indisputable. Our convenience is unmatched. Your savings are real. Everyone wins.

Beyond Easy

Buyers enter purchase requirements using our intuitive, web-based interface. Our market operations team manages the sourcing process, ensuring robust competition from multiple qualified Sellers. At close, the Buyer receives all bidders’ pricing options to choose from, with full documentation.

Totally Transparent

FedBid has created an e-commerce B2B/B2G marketplace founded on fair, transparent competitive bidding. It facilitates dynamic competition that delivers the absolute best market pricing available at the time the buy is completed.

Zero Up-Front Expense

There is no cost to Sellers, and no upfront cost for Buyers. A small transactional fee is collected only when an award is made. It's a no-risk approach with guaranteed results.

Get started. Save time. Save money.

Tens of thousands of Buyers and Sellers across every sector, public and private, are benefiting from FedBid's fully-managed marketplace. Don't waste another minute or spend an extra dollar.

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