Citing ‘excellent progress achieved’ by FedBid, Air Force ends monitoring requirements

VIENNA, VA – In a March 7 letter to FedBid CEO Joe Jordan, the U.S. Air Force notified the company that it has decided to end monitoring requirements put in place just over a year ago. 

In the letter, Air Force Deputy General Counsel Rodney A. Grandon wrote: “I commend FedBid for the way the company has embraced the terms and spirit of the Administrative Agreement (AA). Given the excellent progress achieved by FedBid, I am satisfied there no longer exists a need for the AA. Accordingly, the AA is terminated.”

FedBid and the Air Force entered into the AA in February 2015 following an initial review by the Air Force of questions raised in a September 2014 report by the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Under the agreement, which was initially for a three-year period, FedBid was required to report quarterly to the Air Force on its implementation of a robust ethics and compliance program. Additionally, FedBid was required to hire an outside monitor to report independently to the Air Force on its progress. With the decision by the Air Force to terminate the agreement after only one year, the monitoring requirements no longer exist.

“We are pleased to see the Air Force’s decision to end the Administrative Agreement after one year,” Jordan said. “This decision is a result of the commitment our entire FedBid team has had to creating and maintaining a best-in-class ethics and compliance program. We are very proud of the work we do with our federal agency partners – driving greater competition, efficiency and savings to get the best purchasing results for the taxpayers – and remain committed to doing that work with the highest level of integrity and transparency.”

FedBid is the largest commercially-provided marketplace for reverse auctions conducted by federal agencies. In FY2015, more than 23,000 contracts were awarded by federal agency Buyers through FedBid’s marketplace, with more than 88 percent of those contracts going to small businesses.



Released: March 8, 2016