Introduction to FedBid

What if there was a tool that could help the government purchase quality goods and services while saving time and tax payer dollars. And, wouldn't you want that tool to help Small Businesses compete and win those contracts? Sound too good to be true? Actually, it already exists—it's called FedBid. 

FedBid is a reverse auction marketplace that helps thousands of Buyers across the federal government purchase more than $1 billion dollars worth of goods and services every year, saving the government 10 percent below what it expected to pay—thats millions of dollars in savings. 

So, what makes FedBid so effective? Innovative, patented technology—for sure—but it's also the hands on expertise FedBids team brings to the process. Expertise that helps Buyers purchase exactly what they want, while saving time and money. 

Say a government Buyer needs to purchase office furniture, or laptops or maybe janitorial services—not a problem. FedBid's team helps thousands of government Buyers purchase just about anything they're looking for. And, they do it through a marketplace made up of tens of thousands of suppliers located across the country. With all that experience and all those suppliers, FedBid knows how to get the best results possible—and it does. 

That's why FedBids marketplace continues to grow. More Sellers, more Buyers and more ways to buy from quality suppliers. That's definitely good for government and tax payers. And, its even better for America's Small Businesses. In fact, more then 85% of the government contracts awarded through FedBid go to Small Businesses. 

Government working more efficiently.
Small Businesses winning contracts that help them grow and create jobs.
Tax payers saving money.
It's all happening at FedBid.