March 23, 2017

Buyers Look to FedBid for Critical Mission Needs and Contract Vehicle Purchasing

By Jeremy Schultz, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, Kurtis Hagans, Senior Market Specialist

FedBid differentiates itself from other procurement services by providing a fully-managed marketplace which supports its reverse auction technology. FedBid's unique hands-on approach maximizes acquisition effectiveness and presents valuable solutions to both federal and commercial customers. In Part 2 of the FedBid Solution Series, we explored how FedBid delivers robust cost savings and offers a diverse supplier base. Now in Part 3, we examine how FedBid supports critical missions and utilizes specific contract vehicles to satisfy Buyer requirements.

March 16, 2017

FedBid Empowers Small Business Set-Aside Success For Buyers And Sellers

By Jake Jedlicka, Senior External Relations Specialist

FedBid gives Buyers access to thousands of qualified Sellers in every federally recognized set-aside category. The marketplace has always been geared towards promoting small business utilization and in FY16 83 percent of the dollar volume and over 90 percent of all contracts were awarded to small-businesses!

March 09, 2017

Category Management is at a Crossroads Under New Administration

By Jake Jedlicka, Senior External Relations Specialist

Category management is currently the biggest effort being undertaken to reform and improve federal procurement around commonly purchased categories of goods and services. Launched during the Obama administration, category management is an adaptation of a system that was first implemented with success in the United Kingdom. The General Services Administration has been working on building up category management capabilities since 2014, but it was chiefly in the last year that it started to gain traction and take off. The program appears to be at a critical stage, with supporters and opponents both seeing the opportunity to either expand or squash the future of federal category management.

March 03, 2017

Finding Success Across 100+ Purchasing Categories

By Jake Jedlicka, Senior External Relations Specialist, Kaitlyn Wells, Art Director & Website Manager

When organizations have a purchasing need for commodity goods or simple services, they turn to FedBid, the marketplace that drives robust competition on contracting solicitations. Buyers continually choose FedBid when they need quick, compliant and awardable results across a wide array of categories.

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February 17, 2017

Buyers Access a Diverse Supplier Base, Achieve Cost Savings on FedBid

By Jeremy Schultz, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, Kurtis Hagans, Senior Market Specialist

FedBid is proud to deliver significant value to our customers by providing an innovative solution that strengthens acquisition effectiveness. Leveraging technology with a managed-services approach, FedBid’s reverse auction marketplace benefits both federal and commercial customers in a variety of ways. In Part 1 of the FedBid Solution Series, we examined the impact of FedBid’s ability to drive robust competition and time savings for Buyers. Now in Part 2, we focus on how FedBid helps deliver cost savings and provides an expanded and diverse supplier base.