APTAC 2018 Fall Conference Recap

Breaking into the Federal Contracting Space

Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

FedBid had the pleasure of exhibiting again for the APTAC 2018 Fall Conference. As a long partner of the Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (APTAC), FedBid has attended since 2012 and continues to support PTACs around the country. With over 300 local offices, APTAC is a dedicated network of procurement professionals who help bring buyers and suppliers together in an effort to provide quality services to the government marketplace at low costs. The primary goal of this year’s event was to provide training to PTAC representatives across the country and connect them with industry partners that may have valuable tools (market intelligence, proposal assistance, bid platforms, etc.) to assist their clients with breaking into the federal contracting space.

The fall conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill from November 12-13.  It provided trainings, in-person counseling sessions and references to small businesses looking to transition into the federal space. Some of the trainings included, “Marketing to Government Agencies,” “My Client Just Won a Contract – Now What?,” “WAWF Introduction,” “How to Use Federal Procurement Data System Reports,” “Contract Compliance,” etc. FedBid was personally thanked by many of the PTACs for its webinars/trainings for their local offices over the years.

FedBid’s partnership with APTAC provides the opportunity to put useful tools in the hands of PTAC counselors working with small business vendors. These tools include digests of available contracts on FedBid’s marketplace, monitored accounts which allow them to log in and access posted buys, and customized webinar trainings.

The APTAC Fall Conference was a great opportunity for our FedBid staff to network with many of the PTAC representatives and data mining/service companies to discuss key features of our marketplace and learn additional ways to maintain a competitive advantage.

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference and to those who visited our booth!

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Author: Daniele Cook, Marketing Specialist

Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: November 20, 2018