FedBid's Patented Technology With Hands-on QA, Sourcing Is A Winning Combination For Buyers

FedBid Solution Series: Part 4

Buyers who purchase goods and services through FedBid's industry-leading reverse auction marketplace gain access to a patented and innovative acquisition solution. The marketplace is an incredibly easy-to-use tool for both Buyers and Sellers to utilize. However, it's the expert staff at FedBid who provide the managed services that truly drive the value of this procurement approach for each customer.  In Part 3 of the FedBid Solution Series, we looked at how Buyers utilize the marketplace to meet their critical mission and contracting vehicle needs. In Part 4, the finale to our FedBid Solution Series, we will highlight how our quality assurance procedures and Seller recruitment efforts lead to better results.

Quality Assurance Checks

Although Buyer's conduct their own due diligence prior to making an award decision, FedBid's Quality Assurance department supports these efforts by providing Buyers with as much documented information as possible. This team works to ensure that Sellers who submit bids can objectively comply with the Buy Terms set forth by the Buyer in the solicitation as well as with FedBid's Terms of Use. This is especially beneficial in documenting that Sellers can compliantly respond to opportunities that are limited to specific contract vehicles or require authorized distributors.

A good example of our quality assurance in action was when the National Guard posted a solicitation looking for "Global Combat Support System Training," with a requirement that interested vendors have a GSA Schedule contract. The Quality Assurance department then reached out to confirm that participating Sellers had the services officially listed on their company's GSA Schedule contract. This simple documentation procedure provided more information to the National Guard Buyer when conducting their due diligence by putting everything in one central location. This is also similar to QA checks the FedBid team will do to verify that vendors are certified distributors of a particular brand - which is often a requirement for Buyers purchasing products like IT equipment.

Extensive Seller Recruitment

FedBid's Sourcing Team actively expands the diverse supplier base available on the marketplace by ensuring that the most appropriate Sellers are contacted for every opportunity. Each new buy that is posted to the marketplace is assigned to a Market Specialist. These team members are in constant communication with our registered Sellers to keep them informed about relevant opportunities, and also conduct research and outreach to businesses that are not already on FedBid.

The true benefit of this team is shown when Buyers have unique requirements on solicitations. When the Federal Emergency Management Agency posted a quick turn-around opportunity on the marketplace for copier rentals, they required that participating vendors be located in one of several specific counties in Minnesota. FedBid's Market Specialists rose to the challenge by conducting research, reaching out, and recruiting local vendors that could satisfy this need. The Buyer was then able to award to one of these Minnesota Sellers which benefited the local community.

Beyond the cutting-edge technology, it is the full suite of managed services that elevate FedBid above other reverse auction providers. The efforts of our expert staff help drive the immense value that Buyers and Sellers get from utilizing the marketplace. To put these benefits to use, Get registered today or Login to the marketplace.

Author: Jeremy Schultz, Senior Quality Assurance Specialist, Kurtis Hagans, Senior Market Specialist

Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: April 20, 2017