Find Success with One Marketplace This Busy Season

The busiest time of the year in federal contracting has finally arrived. Q4 is here, once again signaling the onrush of year end spending across the government. This period brings with it stress and late evenings for Buyers as they try to fulfill all their requirements in a rapidly shrinking window.

This busy season, take advantage of the one marketplace solution that FedBid delivers. Our marketplace handles your purchasing across all GWACs, set-asides and product/service categories, all in one place.

One Marketplace Solution

FedBid’s marketplace is designed as a one stop shop for all your acquisition needs. From micro-purchasing with a government credit card, all the way up to multi-year contracts valued in the millions, FedBid makes it easy to build, compete and award requirements. Our easy to access marketplace allows you to purchase on any established GWAC and within any product/service category. You can also easily target the competition towards a specific socio-economic set-aside group to help meet your agency’s utilization goals.

Make changes to your procurement strategy on the fly. You can easily tweak what you are looking for or how it’s being competed, all done inside the marketplace with a simple repost.

Saving You Time

Our one marketplace solution helps save you enormous amounts of time (both administrative and compliance) by not having to switch between different acquisition platforms. Focus in on one effective tool this busy season that has been designed to address your common acquisition challenges. FedBid complements your current procurement process, simplifying the competitive phase and saving an average 8 working hours per requirement.

You don’t have to worry if the competition doesn’t yield awardable results. Our dedicated account team can make targeted recommendations to improve your buy based on marketplace history. There is also no obligation to make an award unless you are completely satisfied.

During Q4, Buyers look for an edge to help them stay ahead of the mountain of requirements that need to be fulfilled. FedBid can be a game changing catalyst for competition in Q4, giving you a single platform for all your purchasing needs. Find success with one marketplace this busy season.