Finding Success Across 100+ Purchasing Categories

Buyers save time and achieve high competition on the categories of products and services competed on FedBid

When organizations have a purchasing need for commodity goods or simple services, they turn to FedBid, the marketplace that drives robust competition on contracting solicitations. Buyers continually choose FedBid when they need quick, compliant and awardable results across a wide array of categories.

Last year, the marketplace saw opportunities awarded in 105 different federal Product and Service Code categories, running the gamut from tools to trucks and environmental assessments to educational trainings. If your organization purchases commodity goods and services, chances are we have seen it on the marketplace before.

The #1 category on the FedBid marketplace in fiscal year 2016 was Information Technology (ADP) Equipment (Category 70)—in fact it made up over 50% of the marketplace volume.  Over 4,400 buys were posted in this category alone. With thousands of IT buys being awarded through FedBid, it’s no surprise these opportunities receive some of the highest competition from Sellers. Buyers who post solicitations for IT products see on average four Sellers bidding eleven times!

Here is a breakdown of the top three categories from FY16, as well as three categories that got great results, but you might not have thought about competing on FedBid before.

Product purchases continue to make-up the majority of the FedBid marketplace, but simplified services saw a rise as a percentage of the marketplace from FY15 to FY16. The competition that FedBid delivers on solicitations for services is what keeps Buyers coming back when they need to fulfill the diverse needs of their end users.

This snapshot is only a glimpse at the wide array of goods and service available; there are many other categories that can be purchased through the marketplace. In fact, some Buyers are even realizing the value of reverse auctions for a wider array of items that may be considered unique.

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Author: Jake Jedlicka, Senior External Relations Specialist, Kaitlyn Wells, Art Director & Website Manager

Publisher: FedBid, Inc.

Released: March 3, 2017