Get One-on-One Assistance with On-Site Support

One-on-One Assistance

One of our greatest aspirations here at FedBid is to provide all of our clients with a fantastic customer experience. Unlike other acquisition platforms, we have dedicated teams of real people working with our customers throughout the procurement process. One proven valuable service available to our customers is On-Site Support.

How does it work? Every agency is different and each requires a different amount of support, so your account team will help you determine what’s best for your workforce. A member of FedBid’s Account Team will then be placed on-site with your agency either part-time, full-time or on a as needed basis.

How can it help you?

Gain instant access to your account representative in-person and on-demand. Have your questions answered quickly and receive on-the-spot clarification throughout the buy process. The ability to personally interact with your account rep will not only leave you feeling more confident about using FedBid, but it will also save you precious time by minimizing the back and forth emails and phone calls.

Flexible training available at your fingertips. With a FedBid representative on location, you can receive expert training on FedBid any time throughout the buy process. This flexibility of training and support makes it quick and convenient to schedule or reschedule meetings, trainings and help desk sessions, providing you with the maximum level of support to meet your needs.

Immediate drafting assistance ready to help. Your FedBid representative can use their expert knowledge of marketplace best practices to draft your requirements, so you can focus on other important aspects of the procurement process. The best part is they are located in the same building, helping to clear your desk of requirements even faster.

We strive to become a true partner to each of our clients and, in doing so, provide them with excellent customer service. If you think your agency could benefit from On-Site Support Services, contact your Account Manager, located in the top right corner of your marketplace dashboard.

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Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: July 31, 2018