How Can FedBid Help With Emergency Response, Time-Sensitive Demands?

At FedBid, we understand and appreciate the efforts agencies are making to provide mission critical items and services to meet the ever-changing emergency response needs.  We are proud to have supported emergency response and relief work by the American Red Cross, the Center for Disease Control, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Whether it be items pertinent to the Zika virus disease, forest fire relief, earthquake and storm recovery, or other time-sensitive purchasing, FedBid is dedicated to offering our support and assistance with any quick turn-around product or service request needs.   

To meet these demands, FedBid offers:

  • Extended marketplace hours
    • Additional close-times and personnel support available
  • Ability to close out requisitions quickly
    • Average PALT time for emergency response requests is >24 hours on the FedBid marketplace
  • Front-end assistance with posting
    • Use our drafting feature to get speedy support with posting on the marketplace
  • Webinars, in-person training, and on-site personnel support
    • Get your team trained on FedBid to ensure proper efficiency and ease of use

With access to quick purchasing options for laboratory supplies, thermal blankets, bambi buckets for fire prevention, or multitude of other emergency response-related needs, FedBid is here to help.

Register today or contact us at 877.9FEDBID for more information on how we can best support your needs! 

Author: Amanda Iles, Director Account Operations

Publisher: FedBid, Inc.

Released: December 8, 2016