New Time-Saving Feature for Buyers

Here at FedBid, we understand the ever changing needs of our Buyers. We also understand that Buyers have a variety of different procurement requirements that need to be met on a real time basis. In order to help them maximize time savings on the marketplace, we have introduced a brand new feature called the Draft Buy Builder.  This new feature allows FedBid to continue to support Buyers in a new and innovative way. We hope this feature further increases FedBid’s value to our current Buyers, as well as shows future significance to potential customers looking for procurement solutions and time savings.

So, what is this new feature? How does it work?

The Draft Buy Builder allows Buyers to easily upload their purchase requirements on to FedBid for drafting. Once the request has been received and drafted, the FedBid team will then transfer the Buy into the Buyers Draft Buy tab for review.  At this point, the Buyer is able to edit and/or add any additional information prior to posting the buy live on the FedBid marketplace. Through this streamlined approach, we hope to save Buyers time when posting requirements.

As this is a new feature, the Draft Buy Builder is currently being piloted with few of our Buying agencies. These include: the Department of the Interior, the Library of Congress, and the Department of State (outside the continental United States accounts only), FEMA and several agencies (or offices) within both the Department of the Navy and the National Guard Bureau. If you are not part of one of these Buying agencies and would like to utilize this new feature, please feel free to contact your dedicated Account Management team. 

More information on how to use this feature download the tutorial here.

Author: Chris Moehler, Account Manager

Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: April 14, 2016