Save Time This FYQ4—FedBid's Drafting Services

Time is of the essence for Buyers with previously frozen agency spending finally being authorized with the looming fiscal year end rapidly approaching. Contracting Officers are swarmed with requirements that all need to be built, posted, competed, evaluated and awarded with little room for error. Let us help.

We know you're busy, so our dedicated account teams offer drafting services—saving you valuable time while posting your solicitations. How does it work? It's simple.

  1. Send your requirements to your Account Manager, he/she will draft your buy and it will automatically be located under the draft buys tab on your dashboard.
  2. Review the drafted buy, which is completely amendable, and post it to the marketplace.

Alternatively, you can also upload your requirements to our Draft Buy Builder, and your Account Manager will receive the documents and begin drafting your buy.

By inputting requirements for you, your account team will incorporate marketplace best practices into the draft—helping to streamline your procurement process, maximize efficiency, drive towards greater results, and most importantly, save you time.

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Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: July 20, 2018