Tips for a Successful End of the Fiscal Year

With the 4th quarter of the Federal Fiscal year right around the corner, we at FedBid understand that the pace of the government contracting market is about to pick up. How can our Marketplace help your business maximize success? We’ve put together a few tips to get you started and help you optimize your experience. 

  • Keep Track of Your Activity in the Message Center – The beta version of the Message Center located on your Seller dashboard allows you to see important deadlines for buys you have taken action on. Access the calendar to see these deadlines anytime you add a buy to your Watch List, start a draft bid, or a submit a bid. 
  • Improve your Record Keeping with Closed Buy Bid Download – Under your Bid Results download a bid file that will allow you to save a digital copy of any bid you have submitted through FedBid. 
  • Increase Efficiencies by Uploading Your Bids – Our Seller Upload Feature streamlines the bidding process by allowing Sellers to download an Excel template of the Buyer’s line items and upload your pricing, which will populate each line item into your bid. The feature allows you to work on bids with or without internet access and easily upload at your convenience. On the buy details page, you will find a Download Template button under the Line Items section.

For additional tips on how to maximize success on FedBid please visit 5 Tips for Seller Success.

Author: Julie Lukeman, Marketplace Director

Publisher: FedBid Inc.

Released: June 14, 2016