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A Real-time Procurement Marketplace

FedBid is a full-service online acquisition marketplace serving federal, state and local governments, commercial businesses and educational institutions. Compete everything from simple goods and services to multi-award, multi-year contracts, all while improving process efficiency and saving money. 

Organizations of all Sizes and Missions Rely on FedBid.

Department of Defense

Federal Civilian

State and Local



Save Time This FYQ4
We offer drafting services that will save you valuable time while posting your solicitations.

Making business commerce as easy as consumer commerce in today's connected world.

FedBid's marketplace is a robust platform where Buyers and Sellers can connect and collaborate, and businesses of all sizes fairly compete dynamically for real opportunities every day.

Boost Process Efficiency

By streamlining the process of procurement, Buyers are able to focus on evaluating bids, not pushing paper. 

Boost Process Efficiency

Expand Your Resources

FedBid’s online managed marketplace allows Buyers to multiply their reach, by accessing thousands of Sellers at the click of a button.

Expand Your Resources

Own Your Spend

Buyers can select different contract types, reach communities of Sellers located across the country and have the ability to easily graduate from one procurement strategy to the next.

Own Your Spend

Ensure Compliance & Improve Transparency

Our electronic marketplace increases transparency by allowing leaders to view buying behaviors. Buys can be tailored to comply with internal and external regulations.

Ensure Compliance & Improve Transparency

Leverage the Live Marketplace

Our marketplace is a live, dynamic forum that brings Buyers and Sellers together, in a way never experienced before.

Leverage the Live Marketplace

Refine Your Spend Data

Whether it’s a summary of a single buy, or an entire organization’s FedBid spend over time, FedBid’s data metrics are flexible to each organization’s requirements.

Refine Your Spend Data

A powerful streamlined process to maximize your buying power and give you essential control.

1. Determine all the buy specifications for the products and services you are looking to purchase.
2. Post your buy to a selected community and answer any clarifying questions from Sellers.
3. Receive and compare multiple customized bids in an easy-to-compare format.
4. Select the Seller you want to award and keep a compliant record for your files.

Partnering with industry leaders to better support you.

Thousands of customers across all industries.

"...we needed to make big changes and take measured, innovative steps to achieve fiscal success. To us, FedBid’s Better Buying resulted in nearly 20% in savings."

Dr. Tracy Joshua 
Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer
Detroit Public Schools

"The system is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Systems other than FedBid can be rather cumbersome and not very easy to use."

FedBid Buyer 
1 Year, 11 Months

“FedBid made it easy for my facilities managers to use advanced purchasing strategies without additional time, training or cost." 

Lance Hatchey 
VP of Facilities Management
SunGard AS

"FedBid saves me time which allow me to focus on administrative tasks that need my attention."

FedBid Buyer 
4 Years, 3 Months

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