FedBid's Open for Business

It's true—time is money. And every business has to spend on essentials from copy paper to IT servers, so every minute you take sweating the sourcing and the spend is a minute less to invest on your top priority: growing your business. 

How Concierge Services Work

First, FedBid helps you frame requirements and specs.

Then, we launch a competition engine that consistently delivers an average of 10 – 15% savings.

Throughout, we manage the bidding process, maintaining quality assurance and providing 24/7 Buyer support.

Turnkey and Time Saving

FedBid is not off-the-shelf spend management software or cookie-cutter consulting. We've built a turnkey marketplace with all components embedded that is complementary—not competitive—with your existing spend management and purchasing initiatives and programs.

Risk Free

There's no upfront investment, license fees, or maintenance costs and there’s never any obligation to buy. Give it a try. Experience it in action. Enjoy the advantages.

Fully Managed

FedBid’s fully managed marketplace handles all aspects of buy execution: the technology platform, Buyer support, Seller support and sourcing throughout our qualified Seller community.

A Marketplace You Already Know and Trust

FedBid facilitates pricing competition among top Sellers including Dell, IBM, John Deere, Scott, Herman Miller—along with highly qualified Sellers that might be new to

you. In either case, they've met our strict standards for fulfillment accountability.

Commercial Buys of the Week

Gym Equipment 23% Savings

Mobile AC Unit 10% Savings

Security Equipment 31% Savings

Facilities Services 13% Savings

Promo Items 27% Savings

Shred Services 41% Savings

Shipping Supplies 36% Savings

Office Furniture

Office Furniture 39% Savings

Video Services 12% Savings

Water Dispensers 35% Savings

Office Equipment 14% Savings

Exhibit Displays 42% Savings

“FedBid allowed us to multiply procurement’s effectiveness by providing a professional sourcing program without utilizing limited internal procurement resources."

Ivan Gutierrez
Chief Procurement Officer
SunGard AS

Your Key to Real Commercial Purchasing Power

A marketplace featuring tens-of-thousands of Sellers determined to meet your needs. Get what you need at the best possible price—fast, easy and risk-free.