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  • $128M+ SAVED IN FY17



Drive rapid, competitive and compliant procurements.

Powered by a highly-trained staff of procurement experts, FedBid's online marketplace for DoD Buyers lets you quickly solicit commodities and simple services in a highly efficient process leveraging dynamic competition. Our easy-to-use application and a web-enabled network of high-quality Sellers enables effective, compliant procurement while reducing costs and lowering risk.

Did you know?

Buyers can now require Sellers to upload attachments, such as technical specifications, to a buy. This way, evaluation is easier than ever.


How long does a buy last?
On average, a buy typically lasts 3 to 4 calendar days.

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The Army Contracting Command saved taxpayers over $150M from 2007 to 2012 by using FedBid.

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We're here to support you, not just your buy.

Need help building your buy? Request a training or contact our team, we are happy to help you along the way.

A fully-managed marketplace for all government Buyers to help you save time and money.

More Than Savings

It's about maximizing your buying power and meeting your procurement needs smarter, faster and at the best price. 

On the Marketplace

Procurement professionals have access to a suite of Sellers able to provide commercial items based on the Federal Product and Service Codes Manual.

  • Information Technology
  • Office Supplies
  • Lab Equipment
  • Furniture

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Buyer Stories

When DoD professionals have leveraged the marketplace, they have been able to procure both common and unique items, from tactical gear to liquid nitrogen.

Streamline Buying Process

Never enough time? Now you are able to focus your thoughts on evaluating
bids, and not just pushing paper.

Sourcing for Your Needs

Looking for more vendors to meet utilization needs? Multiply your reach
by accessing thousands of Sellers, small or large, at the click of a button.

Competitive Bidding Technology

Facilitating savings with our “Rebid” functionality helps vendors know
where their pricing stands and helps you save money.

Document Every Stage

During the life of the buy our team members ensure that every
step is documented, so that when you need information, it is
at your fingertips.


From posting to awarding, you’re in the driver’s seat. Just give us your
specifications and let the marketplace do the rest. FedBid is flexible to
each organization’s requirements.

Custom Built Reporting

Whether it’s a buy that’s closing in a week, or one that closed two years
ago, we can pull information for you at any time.

What FedBid Buyers are saying.

"Dependable and trustworthy."

"FedBid is led by professionals and subject experts. FedBid is a dependable and trustworthy company that produces outstanding results. This company saw our vision, learned our requirement and made our requirement better."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 9 Months

"The staff is excellent."

"Without FedBid, I would not have known about many of these vendors. The staff is excellent in assisting us with any problems or questions. Thank you!"
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 4 Months