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Whether you're a Chancellor looking to empower departments to purchase what they need while ensuring competitive pricing, a Superintendent looking to stretch a district's budget or a Teacher determined to create an ideal learning environment, your focus is always on making things better for students.

Increase Savings and Efficiency

FedBid's market operations team does its homework, sourcing the best Sellers for the goods and services you need, based on your qualifications. Only then will our online marketplace drive competition to get you the lowest price possible.

Produce Detailed Process Documentation

We bring our homework to class...You get complete, detailed information for each procurement—the kind of rigorous record-keeping any organization demands.

Improve Regulatory Transparency and Boost Compliance

FedBid means more than low prices from top vendors. Our system enables regulatory compliance, ensures price reasonableness and empowers process transparency.

Leverage Consortia Relationships

FedBid's smart interface enables you to create existing contract-holder communities for any contracts currently in place. You can conduct second-level competitions across pre-vetted and approved Seller groups.

Centralize Buying Efforts

Quickly onboard departments throughout your organization, giving them the ability to manage purchasing through FedBid. It keeps the budget holder in the know and makes oversight effortless.

Education Buys of the Week

Office Shades 16% Savings

Dell Lap Top

Dell Laptops 14% Savings

Uniforms 27% Savings

Floor Scrubber 27% Savings

41 lb. Case Fillets 13% Savings



Kitchen Supplies36%Savings

WARE 54% Savings

Avery Labels 48% Savings

Text Books 41% Savings


Shelving System 40% Savings

Canopy Tents 40% Savings

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During my 40+ years serving in various leadership roles at public universities from the farthest points east to west and many places in between across the USA, one of my greatest challenges has been finding ways to boost efficiency without incurring greater cost or extensive system overhauls. Reverse auctions are known to deliver significant savings throughout a wide number of industries—all while simplifying sourcing and contracting processes. FedBid—leader in the reverse auction industry—offers great opportunities for our higher education colleagues to efficiently save precious resources.
Dr. Robert V. Smith Vice President of CBT University Consulting, Former Provost, Sr. VP, Vice Chancellor and/or Dean at Texas Tech Univ., Univ. of Arkansas, Connecticut and Washington State Univ.
CBT University Consulting

To stay on the cutting-edge of technology and progressive business, a growing number of schools and higher education institutions are looking into the benefits of reverse auctions for procuring goods and services. 

In the past, organizations in the public sector have practiced procurement through more traditional means, like one -price-per-supplier response. But today’s procurement strategies don’t always adhere to best practices that can help organizations drive prices closer to market value. While the concept is not a new one, many organizations have been lax to adopt a procurement platform that features reverse auctions as its core component
Dr. C. Peter Magrath CBT University Consultant, Former President for Univ. of Binghamton; Minnesota; Missouri System; West Virginia; and Nebraska
CBT University Consulting

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