Easily connect with quality Sellers—at the right time—to boost competition and compliance, lowering costs and minimizing risks.

  • $128M+SAVED IN FY17




Increase purchasing power and get essential control.

FedBid’s marketplace allows Buyers to purchase the commodities and simple services they need at lower cost and with less risk from a web-enabled network of high-quality Sellers. Our mission is to create a dynamic and efficient procurement process that helps minimize your sourcing efforts and facilitates better award decisions.

Did you know?

Buyers can now require Sellers to upload attachments, such as technical specifications, to their bids. This way, evaluation is easier than ever.


How do I accept a bid?
Simply click ‘Accept Bid’, located at the bottom of each bid, or click the 'Accept Bid' link in the Quick Links menu.

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The Small Business Advantage
How Entrepreneurial Firms are Bidding for Success with the Federal Government

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A Federal Agency Buyer Realized 43% Savings on an Infrared Security Alert System

After receiving a quote of $15,000, this Buyer saved $6,455 through a competition in which five Sellers bid a total of 16 times on FedBid.

We're here to support you, not just
your buy.

Need help building your buy? Request a training or contact our team. We're happy to help you along the way.

A fully-managed marketplace for all government Buyers to help you save time and money.

More Than Savings

It's about maximizing your buying power and meeting your procurement needs smarter, faster and at the best price.

On the Marketplace

Buyers have used the marketplace to procure a wide range of products and services from multiple contract vehicles.

  • Information Technology
  • Office Supplies
  • Lab Equipment
  • Furniture

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Buyer Stories

Buyers from nearly all Cabinet-level Agencies rely on FedBid's marketplace to improve productivity.

Streamline Buying Process

Never enough time? Now you are able to focus your thoughts on evaluating
bids, and not just pushing paper.

Sourcing for Your Needs

Looking for more vendors to meet utilization needs? Multiply your reach
by accessing thousands of Sellers, small or large, at the click of a button.

Competitive Bidding Technology

Facilitating savings with our “Rebid” functionality helps vendors know
where their pricing stands and helps you save money.

Document Every Stage

During the life of the buy our team members ensure that every
step is documented, so that when you need information, it is
at your fingertips.


From posting to awarding, you’re in the driver’s seat. Just give us your
specifications and let the marketplace do the rest. FedBid is flexible to
each organization’s requirements.

Custom Built Reporting

Whether it’s a buy that’s closing in a week, or one that closed two years
ago, we can pull information for you at any time.

What FedBid Buyers are saying.

"Saves time."

"FedBid saves me time which allow me to focus on administrative tasks that need my attention. FedBid provides me with good information and it allows me to do my due diligence in verifying information on quotes."
FedBid Buyer 4 Years, 3 Months

"A win-win for all parties."

"I enjoy contacting FedBid and getting an immediate response. The team has been very helpful. I also enjoy the amount of competition received and the ability to rebid to make pricing more competitive. The fact that FedBid receives payment based on savings achieved ends up being a win-win for all parties."
FedBid Buyer 8 Months