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Boost Process Efficiency

By streamlining the buying process, Buyers are able to focus on evaluating bids, not pushing paper. With FedBid’s professional Sourcing team managing the marketplace process, Buyers are able to more effectively focus their resources to build value for their organizations.

Time Savings

FedBid provides you with the necessary tools to access your procurement needs in one place and with an easy-to-use format. You have access to post simultaneously to FedBizOpps (FBO) and FedBid, access to various contracts and the ability to target specific communities of Sellers. With us there is no need to remember ten different passwords for ten different websites. We provide one portal for all your commodity and simple service buys.

Ease of Use

Based on your needs, you have the ability to graduate through procurement strategies without having to start from scratch. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can have a new buy posted with the necessary adjustments. You also have the ability to clone buys, saving you the trouble of having to recreate solicitations for something you’ve previously purchased.


FedBid's marketplace allows you to streamline the procurement process by posting all your requirements quickly and easily. Our sourcing teams will then recruit qualified bidders in order to produce optimal results, allowing Buyers to focus their time on other activities.