Your competition clearly documented all in one place.

FedBid ensures you never miss a beat by providing a standardized, comprehensive PDF package for all activity on each and every buy.

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Ensure Compliance and Improve Transparency

Need to post to FBO? No problem. Need to set aside to a small business? No problem. Need to respond to RFIs? No problem. Any criteria you need to meet in order to make the best acquisition for your organization is built into the marketplace, ensuring internal and external compliance to guidance or regulations. Additionally, our electronic marketplace increases transparency by allowing leaders to oversee buying behaviors while also providing Buyers with readily available information to inform why a particular decision was made (cancel, award, etc.).

Documentation at Your Fingertips

Documentation of the entire bidding process from submission to post-award is captured electronically in a comprehensive PDF.  The option to obtain Seller attachments—past performances, technical drawings, etc.—helps your due diligence and decision making. The documentation available through our marketplace can also support your justification to award or to graduate your procurement strategy.

Compliance From Beginning to End

Our marketplace and support team operate in the same world you do and in compliance of the same rules and regulations. FAR, internal SOPs, policies, local or standardized terms & conditions all function the same within our marketplace. Buyers remain in control of every step of the process, for example, how long to compete, acquisition strategy, seller community, etc. and remain responsible for determining if the results of a solicitation should be awarded, and if so, to which company. You can cancel a buy at anytime without issue.

Unprecedented Transparency

System capabilities like the Supervisor Dashboards and access to granular details on every buy, provide unprecedented transparency into buying decisions at the individual or organizational levels through observation, oversight, or reporting. Know what decisions are being made, by who, and why.