Over 83,000 Sellers available at your fingertips.

Our trusted team will identify the best competition, provide real-time information and deliver success. 

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Expand Your Resources

FedBid’s managed marketplace allows Buyers to multiply their reach to Sellers. Accessing multiple contract types and socioeconomic set-asides, allows you to meet the agency objectives.

Extend Your Reach

Source to thousands of Sellers at the click of a button. Through strategic sourcing and targeted outreach, the members of our Market Operations team will work to contact Sellers who are authorized and able to provide goods or perform services that you require.

Real Time Insight

FedBid provides each agency with an experienced Account Management team, available to assist Buyers as needed.  The team can schedule trainings for new Buyers and refreshers for established Buyers who may need additional exposure to new resources, as well as provide feedback on how certain procurement strategies have fared in the past on the marketplace.  

Quality Assurance

FedBid has a team of individuals who are dedicated to ensuring that all Sellers are complying with the terms and conditions of the marketplace.  This team also assists in the tracking of delivery orders once the order has been processed to provide an additional resource at the agency's disposal.