Anywhere, anytime—24/7 access to FedBid’s online marketplace.

From strategic Sourcing Specialists to a designated Account Manager, our team always has you covered.

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Leverage the Live Marketplace

Our marketplace is a live, dynamic forum that brings Buyers and Sellers together in a way that constantly provides the best the industry has to offer. There are no other avenues where you can procure your goods and services in real-time—and the benefits of doing so will help you achieve your goals

A Marketplace Just for You

Our marketplace grows every day, with over 83,000 Sellers you have access to the right Sellers, at the right time for all of your requirements. Choose the Product/Service Code (PSC), choose the vehicle (GSA, SEWP, BPAs, Set Aside, Open Market, other), choose the length of competition (hrs, days, weeks)—then let the marketplace go to work for you

Marketplace Specialists

Our market specialists are just that; specialists in the virtual marketplace. They have a deep understanding of historical information, Buyer and Seller behavior and organizational buying trends. Let their access to years worth of procurement data and daily oversight of market operations help you develop the right acquisition strategy, analyze industry-related data, or provide subject matter expertise to each of your buys.

Strong Competition and Fair Pricing

We understand no two buys are the same and are committed to helping you meet your competition goals while achieving fair and reasonable pricing. Average marketplace results include five competitors actively competing to provide you with the best price available on the market.