Let us help you meet your goals.

Whether it’s Veteran Owned, Women Owned, HubZone or others, you can easily target sellers based on any socioeconomic status. 

Own Your Spend

Each agency has basic requirements for how their dollars are spent. FedBid's online marketplace gives the Buyer access to numerous procurement strategies and selling communities, which allow the Buyer to accomplish multiple procurement goals through one portal. Buyers can select different contract types, reach communities of Sellers located across the country and have the ability to easily graduate from one procurement strategy to the next in order to ensure optimal results.

Set Aside Your Buy

You have the ability to set aside buys for any federally-recognized socioeconomic set-aside. When you set aside your buy, only those vendors who qualify for that specific set-aside will be able to view and participate on that particular buy.

Seller Communities

Use a Seller Community, created by colleagues, to ensure only compliant Sellers are able to bid. When these communities of trusted Sellers are isolated, it allows for greater facility security. If you have Sellers with whom you’ve worked with in the past, let us know and we will be sure to educate and help them register. Additionally, if an agency has preexisting BPA or ID/IQ communities, those can be established through the marketplace as well, creating easy access to those communities of Sellers.  

Enabling a Broader Supply Range

By having the ability to target specific socioeconomic classifications, you will be able to work towards meeting your agency’s utilization goals and expand your supply base.