Instant access to past and present spend data, to help you plan for the future.

FedBid provides a suite of Business Intelligence tools which allow us to provide you with any data you need, any time you want.

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Refine Your Spend Data

Whether it’s a summary of a single buy, or your organization’s spend over several years, FedBid’s data is custom built to your needs, refining your understanding of your organization's spend. 

Reporting on Demand

Your Account Manager will work with you to develop the types of reports you want, at the frequency you want them using live dashboards or 'moment in time' reports. These tools are custom built and agency-specific, and will help you track past, current or forecast future spend.

Enhanced Spend Analysis

Our records are full of accurate, rich spend data as a result of storing information at the individual through organizational level since 2000. Our subject matter experts know how to translate that data into products useful to you. They will analyze and help assess your results internally, or compare across other government agencies, industries, or segments—inside or outside of our marketplace. Let our experts analyze your organization's spend to help identify the most effective ways marketplace-use will support your goals.

Make More Informed Decisions

Access a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) tools to visualize your agency’s performance with customized and standardized Business Intelligence reporting. Oversee organizational activities, monitor performance or identify trends across your organization. Our BI capability will help you measure your spend in real-time (helpful for requirements like BPA/IDIQ ceiling management), deepen your awareness of issues (like PALT across a geographically disperse organization) or areas of opportunity (like strategic sourcing initiatives).