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Get access to a vast network of qualified Sellers, ready to compete for your business.

State and Local entities are looking for more control over costs and risk. Recent economic lessons have made it clear: finding innovative ways to cut expenses helps budgets stay healthy. FedBid's fully-managed marketplace is proving to be the cornerstone of a smarter, more sustainable purchasing and sourcing initiative that works for everyone in the buying and selling life cycle.

Did you know?

You can display NIGP and UNSPSC product codes when setting up a buy. Ask your Account Manager about it.

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What training is available to Buyers?
How-to instructions are available through the marketplace and in-person trainings are available upon request.

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What the Federal Government is Doing Better Than Big Businesses
Why the Reverse Auction Experience of the Department of Defense is a Best Practice Businesses Should Emulate Today

A Municipal Water and Sewer Authority Realized 16% Savings on Flashlights and Headlamps

After receiving a quote of $6,745, this Buyer was able to save $1,081 through a competition in which 7 Sellers bid a total of 14 times on FedBid.

We're here to support you, not just your buy.

Need help building your buy? Request a training or contact our team, we are happy to help you along the way.

A full-service marketplace for all government Buyers to help you save time and money.

More Than Savings

Its about maximizing your buying power and meeting your procurement needs smarter, faster and at the best price.

On the Marketplace

Buyers have used the marketplace to procure a wide range of products and services from multiple contract vehicles.

  • Information Technology
  • Office Supplies
  • Lab Equipment
  • Furniture

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Buyer Stories

Prince George's County Office of Information Technology saved 19% on Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor Upgrade.

Streamline Buying Process

Never enough time? Now you are able to focus your thoughts on evaluating
bids, and not just pushing paper.

Sourcing for Your Needs

Looking for more vendors to meet utilization needs? Multiply your reach
by accessing thousands of Sellers, small or large, at the click of a button.

Competitive Bidding Technology

Facilitating savings with our “Rebid” functionality helps vendors know
where their pricing stands and helps you save money.

Document Every Stage

During the life of the buy our team members ensure that every
step is documented, so that when you need information, it is
at your fingertips.


From posting to awarding, you’re in the driver’s seat. Just give us your
specifications and let the marketplace do the rest. FedBid is flexible to
each organization’s requirements.

Custom Built Reporting

Whether it’s a buy that’s closing in a week, or one that closed two years
ago, we can pull information for you at any time.

What FedBid Buyers are saying.

"Phenomenal team."

"I appreciate all aspects of the FedBid experience because it helps us (Contracting Professionals) to do our job more expediently and proficiently. All great workers need equally great tools to help them perform at their peak. Our greatest tool is FedBid and the phenomenal team that makes the company what it is. Without FedBid, we'd be ships lost out on the open sea..."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years, 9 Months

"Proved successful."

"I’m glad I was able to use FedBid’s services. Beyond the fact that it was easy to use and proved successful, they offer some of the most superior customer service I’ve ever experienced, both professionally and personally."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years