Get More for Your Spend—Without Compromise to Constituents

State and local governments seem to be under ever-increasing pressure to get more out of their budgets. Essential services, infrastructure upkeep, civic improvement—the needs are many and the resources are finite. That's why forward-thinking jurisdictions do everything they can to benefit citizens and boost local economies.

Increase Savings and Efficiency

FedBid's market operations team sources highly qualified Sellers eager to supply the essential goods and services your office or agency needs. Based on your specifications, our managed online marketplace drives competition to get you the lowest price possible. 

Produce Detailed Reports of Cost Savings and Line Item Spend Data

The FedBid marketplace captures critical data throughout the competition process. You get complete, detailed information for each procurement to support both pre-award decision making and post-award strategic sourcing analysis.

Improve Regulatory Transparency and Boost Compliance

FedBid means more than low prices from top vendors. Our system enables regulatory compliance, ensures price reasonableness and empowers process transparency.

Leverage Existing Contracts

Our intelligent interface lets you create existing contract-holder communities for any current contract place. You can easily conduct 2nd level competitions among pre-vetted and approved Seller groups.

Centralize Buying Efforts

Quickly onboard departments throughout your organization, giving them the ability to manage purchasing through FedBid. It keeps the budget holder in the know and makes oversight effortless.

State & Local Buys of the Week

Treated Lumber 34% Savings

Security Services 21% Savings

Legal Reporting 23% Savings

Queue Stanchion 32% Savings

Water Heater 29% Savings

Servers 30% Savings

Waste Disposal 29% Savings

Truck 12% Savings

Power Supply Generator

Power Supply 30% Savings

Fence Install 14% Savings

Propane Tanks 67% Savings

Tires 23% Savings

Road Barricade21% Savings

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What FedBid Buyers are saying.

"Its amazing how quickly the rank and file people with dirt on their boots and guns on their hips are actually doing this and we're getting rave reviews from our customers"
John Ely Executive Director Of Procurement (Retired)
DHS Customs and Border Protection

"I’m glad I was able to use FedBid’s services. Beyond the fact that it was easy to use and proved successful, they offer some of the most superior customer service I’ve ever experienced, both professionally and personally."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years