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"Made it easy...without additional time, training or cost."

“FedBid made it easy for my facilities managers to use advanced purchasing strategies without additional time, training or cost. In addition...we were able to work with Corporate Procurement to streamline the process...”
Lance Hatchey VP of Facilities Management
SunGard AS

"Innovative steps to achieve fiscal success."

"We knew we needed to make big changes and take measured, innovative steps to achieve fiscal success. To us, FedBid’s Better Buying resulted in nearly 20% in savings. Purchasing through FedBid has, and will continue to play, a major role in propelling our school system forward."
Dr. Tracy Joshua Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer
Detroit Public Schools

"Incredibly simple."

"The system is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Systems other than FedBid can be rather cumbersome and not very easy to use."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 11 Months

"A quick, clean, user-friendly system." 

 "FedBid is a quick, clean, user-friendly system for keeping requirements organized. By far the biggest benefits of FedBid are the time savings and customer service."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years, 2 Months

"Averaged more than 20% savings."

“Monumental has run structured, professional purchasing projects without needing to invest in expensive technology subscriptions, training or consulting services. FedBid handled all execution tasks. We simply provided our purchasing needs and incumbent vendors and came back three days later to make an award. Best of all, Monumental averaged more than 20% savings, which is always good for the bottom line.”
Peter Biche Chief Financial Officer
Monumental Sports & Entertainment

"Allowed us to multiply procurement’s effectiveness."

“FedBid allowed us to multiply procurement’s effectiveness by providing a professional sourcing program without utilizing limited internal procurement resources. We worked with our Facilities group to achieve significant savings via FedBid, while re-deploying our resources on more strategic projects.”
Ivan Gutierrez Chief Procurement Officer
SunGard AS

"An absolute must for Detroit Public Schools."

“This is an absolute must for Detroit Public Schools... It is our responsibility to provide excellence in education for all children we serve, which means we must be good financial stewards. FedBid gives us a tool to very effectively drive competition like never before.”
Dr. Tracy Joshua Chief Procurement and Logistics Officer
Detroit Public Schools

"A win-win for all parties."

"I enjoy contacting FedBid and getting an immediate response. The team has been very helpful. I also enjoy the amount of competition received and the ability to rebid to make pricing more competitive. The fact that FedBid receives payment based on savings achieved ends up being a win-win for all parties."
FedBid Buyer 8 Months

"Saves time."

"FedBid saves me time which allow me to focus on administrative tasks that need my attention. FedBid provides me with good information and it allows me to do my due diligence in verifying information on quotes."
FedBid Buyer 4 Years, 3 Months

"Proved successful."

"I’m glad I was able to use FedBid’s services. Beyond the fact that it was easy to use and proved successful, they offer some of the most superior customer service I’ve ever experienced, both professionally and personally."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years

A Federal Agency Realized 11.5% Savings on Fabricated Nonmetallic Metalsgraphite

After receiving a quote of $84,000, this Buyer saved $9,623 through a competition in which 4 Sellers bid a total of 7 times on FedBid.

"Easy as one, two, three."

"FedBid is very user friendly. I appreciate all of the information included with the bids (contract numbers, DUNS, address, phone numbers, etc.) and that the bids are ranked from the lowest bid to highest. We are able to send docs to FedBid and they will put out the posting. Reposting and re-soliciting a bid is very easy. All I have to do is change a few line items or boxes and hit ‘repost’. Easy as one, two, three."
FedBid Buyer 2 Years, 9 Months

"Single gateway to the GPE's."

"The website is extremely user-friendly and is a single gateway to the GPE's. This makes the acquisition process much quicker, especially after not using a GPE for an extended period of time. Also, the website is very reliable, which is very useful."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 4 Months

"The staff is excellent."

"Without FedBid, I would not have known about many of these vendors. The staff is excellent in assisting us with any problems or questions. Thank you!"
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 4 Months

"Ensuring competition from various small businesses."

"It is an outstanding source of ensuring competition from various small businesses throughout the country, allowing everyone the opportunity to get a piece of the Federal Supply pie."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year

"Absolutely unparalleled."

"Every experience I have had with FedBid has been exceptional. The ease of use is absolutely unparalleled."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 4 Months

"One-stop shop."

"FedBid serves as a one-stop shop and offers immediate documentation of the procurement process, saving us time."
FedBid Buyer 2 Years, 10 Months

"A great, easy way to get the best price."

"FedBid employees are very knowledgeable and catch many errors that I do not. FedBid always offers feedback and demonstrates a sincere willingness to help. FedBid is a great, easy way to compete our requirements to ensure that we get the best price and reach as many vendors as possible."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 1 Month

"Phenomenal team."

"I appreciate all aspects of the FedBid experience because it helps us (Contracting Professionals) to do our job more expediently and proficiently. All great workers need equally great tools to help them perform at their peak. Our greatest tool is FedBid and the phenomenal team that makes the company what it is. Without FedBid, we'd be ships lost out on the open sea..."
FedBid Buyer 3 Years, 9 Months

"Proven to save their Buyers 10 – 12% per buy."

"FedBid has proven to save their registered Buyers 10 – 12% per buy. Their managed marketplace sources and pre-qualifies the best Sellers to compete for each buy, then monitors those competitions, while providing service and support to both Buyers and Sellers and ultimately delivering full documentation and reporting. CBT’s mission is to help clients improve their procurement and business processes. Since using FedBid, two of our clients, State Center and Los Rios, saved 15% within their first 30 buys."
Patrick McCallum Founder of CBT University Consulting
CBT University Consulting

"Great opportunities for higher education."

"One of my greatest challenges has been finding ways to boost efficiency without incurring greater cost or extensive system overhauls. Reverse auctions are known to deliver significant savings throughout a wide number of industries—all while simplifying sourcing and contracting processes. FedBid—leader in the reverse auction industry—offers great opportunities for higher education to efficiently save precious resources."
Dr. Robert V. Smith Vice President of CBT University Consulting, Former Provost, Sr. VP, Vice Chancellor and/or Dean at Texas Tech Univ., Univ. of Arkansas, Connecticut and Washington State Univ.
CBT University Consulting

"Dependable and trustworthy."

"FedBid is led by professionals and subject experts. FedBid is a dependable and trustworthy company that produces outstanding results. This company saw our vision, learned our requirement and made our requirement better."
FedBid Buyer 1 Year, 9 Months