FedBid Forward Toward Your Brighter Future.

Brighter Futures

We know you’ve heard that before…
But as a company featuring:

  • Over a decade of consistent growth
  • Established, unique business model revolutionizing commerce
  • Continual product and services enhancements and expansion
  • Growth into new markets
  • Senior leadership comprised of top industry minds
  • Vibrant, rewarding, inspiring corporate culture

We feel it's a statement we can own.

A FedBid Brighter Future Delivers:

  • Wealth of career opportunities
  • Fast track career advancement
  • Supported professional mentorship and growth
  • Recognition for strengths and achievements
  • Power to revolutionize your career path
  • Benefits packages designed to keep you on-board

Our expanding team offers opportunities for aspiring and accomplished professionals in Account and Market Operations, Business Development, Training and Implementation, Technology and Product, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Legal and Administrative support.

Join us in fueling the growth of American businesses, building a stronger economy and forging better ways towards brighter futures—for commerce, for our company and for your career.

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    2016 Softball Champs

  • Joe Jordan at FedBid Fuel

    Joe Jordan, CEO & President

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    2015 Tailgate BBQ