We are a dynamic company with a wide-range of career tracks and rapid advancement opportunities. That's a big part of what we mean when we say "Brighter Futures"—we are designed to grow from the inside out.

Understanding what our departments do and how our teams and players work to win is critical to the application process. Based on the descriptions below, we want to know—and more importantly, we want YOU to know—what team and position you feel is the best fit for you now, and for where you hope to be in the future.

Account and Market Operations Teams

Account and Market Operations teams ensure customer satisfaction for the Buyers and Sellers in our marketplace community. Their roles are vital to the health and success of  our marketplace and company. Top-notch customer service skills, an ability to think quickly and a drive to perform with the highest standards are what we look for in Operations employees. If you're interested in conducting FedBid training at a government agency or conducting market research on quick turnaround contracts, Operations is for you.

The Operations teams has positions focused on market researchcustomer service and communication.

Information Technology Team

FedBid lives on the cutting edge of procurement technology and e-commerce. This fast-paced, knowledge-rich environment requires technology professionals who love a good challenge. Meet the FedBid Information Technology team, or F.I.T. team. Ever-growing, our F.I.T. team consists of developers, DBAs, QA engineers, BAs and web designers. If you are a tech pro who works great in a team, and thrive in staying on top of current trends and developments, you could be a fit for F.I.T.

Corporate Team

FedBid's Corporate team keeps the business of running our business on-track. It encompasses Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Administrative teams. 

  • Accounting and Finance oversees all financial dealings of the company, from  financial strategic development and forecasting to daily operations and annual reconciliations. They also play a big support role to our internal customers and employees, by handling payroll and travel bookings.
  • Human Resources plays the vital role of recruiting and working to retain top talent. They are FedBid's employees' number one supporter, ensuring everything from benefits administration and on the job training to development and everything in between go smoothly. They also work to foster a healthy corporate culture founded on transparency, hard work and high reward.
  • Legal ensures sound business practices, internally and externally, to maintain the  integrity of our marketplace while simultaneously safeguarding our intellectual property. Simply put, they keep us and the members of our community out of any harm's way. 
  • Administrative is the glue that pulls all of these fast-moving teams together. From office space build-outs to managing major internal meetings and prepping presentations, the Administrative team is onsite and ready to make everything go as planned—if not better.

Marketing Team

FedBid's marketing team is a full-service Communications powerhouse, handling everything from overarching Branding initiatives to highly specific targeted campaigns. Team members are constantly working to bring FedBid to new audiences, then help them better understand who we are, what we do and why those two things add up to a massive win-win for Buyers and Sellers alike. Comprised of copywriters, production coordinators, event planners, strategists, creative directors, art directors and graphic designers, it's their role to respond to the needs of all departments throughout the company. Turnarounds are fast and every mission is critical. If you've got a great attitude, strong writing, design or organizational skills and thrive under the thrill of producing great work with a great team, then FedBid marketing might be for you.