Cloud-based markets allowing Buyers
and Sellers to connect and collaborate.

"Where's the Marketplace?"

You're not the first one to ask that question...

Unlike Amazon or eBay, you won't see a bunch of products with set prices posted on our site. That's because we create a specific, competitive market for each and every buy.

It's simple, Buyers post a need for a good or service and set a target price. Then we create a custom marketplace for that good or service. That means we source the best Sellers from our existing qualified Seller community, we find and qualify new Sellers and we invite the Buyer's preferred Seller to compete for each specific buy. Then Sellers who choose to compete, engage in our online reverse auction—a real-time trackable and traceable event, lasting for a period of time set by the Buyer. Ultimately, at the end of the competition, the Buyer gets a full bid report and makes their purchasing decision. 

Buyers have full control over purchasing.

Sellers have full control over engagement.

It's a healthy marketplace win-win, giving each the confidence they need to make the best purchasing and sales decisions.

Welcome to FedBid's fully-managed online marketplace.

$Millions Transacted

Over $6M Worth of Office Supplies and Devices Purchased in 2017.

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