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A transactional fee is added to every buy, users incur no upfront costs. If you're not happy with the outcome of your buy, there's no obligation to award. Here's how our process works:

FedBid Fee Process

If you have questions about the costs on a requirement posted by the Army, please click here.

Does FedBid charge fees?

FedBid charges no subscription fees to Buyers or Sellers. Interested Sellers simply register, log in and submit bids for buys that correspond with their offerings. The system adds an equal percentage transaction fee to all Sellers’ bids prior to the submission to the Buyer. When the Buyer makes an award to a Seller, FedBid will collect the included fee from that Seller. FedBid’s model eliminates out-of-pocket fees for Sellers.

Does the award price include the FedBid fee?

The FedBid fee is included in the award price posted on FedBid.

How do I remit the FedBid fee?

Per the FedBid Terms of Use, the FedBid fee is due to FedBid from the selected Seller within sixty days of the award. Contact Invoicing@FedBid.com if you have any questions regarding this time frame. Listed below are the various options Sellers have to remit the FedBid fee:

Online Credit Card Payment: Click here 
Check: Checks should be made out to FedBid, Inc. and remitted to the following address: 75 Remittance Drive STE 1269 Chicago, IL 60675-1269
Credit Card Payment (phone): Call the FedBid Invoicing department at 571-405-5000 to make a payment over the phone
ACH/Wire Payment: Contact Invoicing@FedBid.com for additional information  

When making a payment, please remember to include your Customer ID number (located on the top right corner of the FedBid Invoice) and the appropriate Invoice number (same as the FedBid buy number with the letter "F" in front). Please contact the FedBid Invoicing department at 571-405-5000 for additional assistance or email Invoicing@FedBid.com.

Will the fee be adjusted?

The Terms of Use describe certain circumstances when the FedBid fee will be adjusted. The fee is negotiated between the Buyer and FedBid. Buyers can contact their Account Manager to discuss the fee for a specific buy.

Why does FedBid need documentation of my contract price in order to adjust fees?

Under the Terms of Use, Sellers whose bid prices exceed their contract ceiling price when the FedBid fee is added must provide documentation of their ceiling prices so that proper fee adjustment can occur. FedBid requires documented proof of a GSA Schedule (or other contract) ceiling price prior to fee adjustment in order to ensure that fees are adjusted correctly and so that there is a documentation explaining any changes that are made. Providing documentation in a timely manner (i.e. at the close of the buy) not only ensures that FedBid correctly assesses the fee it has earned on a given buy, it also helps the Buyer by preventing unnecessary purchase order modifications.

What does "Please check this box if the FedBid fee causes your initial bid price to exceed your applicable published contract price for any of the line items above" mean?

This option will only appear when placing a bid on a buy posted under a specific contract type (i.e. GSA Schedule, NASA SEWP, Army CHESS, etc.) on the 'Line Items' page of the bid flow, and will be denoted by a hand signaling the Seller to stop. There will also be a small check box towards the right hand side of this option. By selecting this checkbox, you are indicating that the FedBid fee causes your initial bid price to exceed your applicable published contract price for any or all of the line items for which you are bidding. If you select this checkbox, please also provide documentation confirming your contract ceiling price before, or at the close of the buy. Any necessary fee adjustments will only be made to the awarded Seller's bid price. All contract pricing information should be submitted with your bid, through the support portal, or sent to ClientServices@FedBid.com.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide FedBid when the fee causes my bid price to exceed the contract ceiling price?

Proper documentation includes a published pricing list with the applicable portion of the contract or screen shots/links to the applicable published government contract and pricing (e.g. GSA Advantage, etc.).

How does the selected Seller invoice the Buyer?

Subscribing to FedBid is free to Sellers, which means there is no cost to register, view opportunities or bid. FedBid applies a proportional transaction fee to all bids within a particular buy and includes the transaction fee in the total bid price submitted to the Buyer for consideration. Unless otherwise agreed by FedBid and Buyer, the resulting FedBid fee for any buy is included in the payment from the Buyer to the selected Seller or the third party for which the selected Seller is acting as authorized representative or agent. If you have been chosen as the selected Seller, you will automatically receive the Buyer’s point-of-contact information via email from FedBid. Either the Buyer may contact you or you may contact the Buyer directly to complete the ordering process. The Buyer will issue the order directly to you in the form of either a purchase order (PO) or purchase card (PCard) authorization, based on the terms of the competition. Therefore, all orders, regardless of payment method (PO or PCard), will consist of the pricing submitted online, plus the FedBid Fee and applicable contract access fees if incorporated online.  FedBid assesses a fee of between 0 – 5% of the accepted bid depending on the specifics of the competition and applicable discounts. For example, if you bid on an opportunity and your bid price was $100.00, the Buyer will view and accepted the price of $103.00 (in a situation where the base fee minus any discount results in a 3% fee). The Buyer then will issue an order for $103.00, and you will invoice the Buyer for $103.00. Your invoice to the Buyer MUST mirror the price structure utilized online. The FedBid fee and contract access fees must not be separated unless done so within the specification of the competition. Please submit your request here if you need assistance determining fee structure or amounts.

Buyer contact information and invoicing instructions are typically contained in the Buyer’s order.

How does FedBid invoice the selected Seller?

FedBid will ONLY invoice the selected Seller after the Buyer has accepted a Seller’s bid. The FedBid invoice will include system-generated competition-specific information for identification and referencing purposes. This information includes: 

  • FedBid Buy # 
  • Accepted Bid # 
  • Invoice Date 
  • Buying Agency 
  • Agency’s PO # (or “Purchase Card”) 
  • Competition Description 
  • Your Salesperson 
  • Your Bid Amount 
  • Total Paid by Buyer 
  • FedBid Fee Amount