Dr. Kelman's 'Lectern' Blog: More on Cost Savings

Dr. Steve Kelman writes about how the government can save money through better and more innovative contracting practices, including using industry ideas to improve requirements, employing share in savings concepts, using reverse auctions to compete labor hour rates, holding procurement contests and employing value reengineering. Join the discussion at Dr. Kelman’s ‘Lectern’ blog at Federal Computer Week.

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Author: Steve Kelman

Publisher: The Lectern, Federal Computer Week

Released: NOVEMBER 28, 2011

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July 19, 2013

Should Kelman stay quiet on reverse auctions?

By Steve Kelman

In this FCW “The Conversation” blog, Dr. Steven Kelman offers responses to comments regarding his stance made in his previous post FCW’s “The Lectern” blog, relating to GSA’s new reverse auction site, which appears to have been developed to...

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