Federal Computer Week: Bidding For Savings: Reverse Auctions Gain New Favor

Federal Computer Week examines Dr. David Wyld’s new report that explores how federal agencies can save time and money by using reverse auctions for appropriate commodities and selected services. Reporter Matthew Weigelt notes significant savings figures from the report, including potential savings at DoD of $6.1 billion and up to $15 billion across the federal government.

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Author: Matthew Weigelt

Publisher: Federal Computer Week

Released: OCTOBER 31, 2011

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July 19, 2013

Should Kelman stay quiet on reverse auctions?

By Steve Kelman

In this FCW “The Conversation” blog, Dr. Steven Kelman offers responses to comments regarding his stance made in his previous post FCW’s “The Lectern” blog, relating to GSA’s new reverse auction site, which appears to have been developed to...

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