• 36,000+AWARDED BUYS IN FY13

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Thousands of real sales opportunities—continually added and sorted to drive the best ones for your business directly to your sales team, at no cost.  Buyers post into our system directly and award based on the responses they receive through FedBid.

Sound too good to be true? That’s the competitive advantage—you get access to every single day.

By joining our online marketplace community, FedBid Sellers will...

Increase Opportunity Access

FedBid centralizes opportunities from thousands of government and business Buyers, who use the marketplace daily to buy billions of dollars worth of goods and services.

Reduce Cost per Sale

FedBid's processes and support services enable Sellers to use minimal resources to pursue each opportunity and compete for business beyond their local markets.

Gain Competitive Advantage

FedBid facilitates a regulatory-compliant, fair and open procurement process that levels the competition playing field for Sellers of all sizes.

Enhance Sales Mobility

FedBid's web-based portal allows you to access current and past bids—and make new ones—at any time, from anywhere.


“When you’re new to the field and trying to figure out how to get into this kind of sales, it can be daunting—but FedBid was really easy and completely simplified the process. It opened up the opportunity for us to find opportunities to complete in an open market.”
Brent Wigginton President
Inline Electric

“FedBid gets right to the point. If you use other websites, it takes a lot more time—their systems aren’t as easy to search. On FedBid, you just have to put in a few buzzwords and the relevant opportunities pop up.”
Mike Davis Owner
Magothy Technology, LLC

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It costs you nothing up front. There's no required training.
Just make the cut as a FedBid approved Seller, and your company is competing at the next level.

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  • No cost and no risk to join and participate.

  • Free marketplace training.

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