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We’re launching new ways for you to offer your opinions and feedback on FedBid. Join the FedBid Seller Community Forum and help us make our marketplace work better for you! 

And just for sharing your thoughts with us, we’ll enter you for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

How it works:

How it works:
1 – Select topics you are interested in sharing feedback on
2 – Answer quick surveys of 3 – 4 questions
3 – Get entered to win a $25 gift card with each entry
4 – Explore what other Sellers are saying
Why join the FedBid Seller Community Forum? You’ll get to make sure FedBid hears your voice on essential topics such as marketplace updates and technology changes to our website. It’s totally free, and you can opt not to answer surveys whenever you like.

Participants will be entered into a quarterly drawing to win one of the three $100 gift cards. At the end of the quarter, all participants who completed a survey will be entered into the drawing and selected at random by a third-party drawing service. If a participant opts in to multiple groups and completes multiple surveys, they will receive an entry for each survey completed.