1. Find more real sales opportunities.
2. Decrease your sales cycle.
3. Expand into new markets.
4. Benchmark against the competition.
5. Maximize sales resources.

Find more real sales opportunities.

FedBid brings sales opportunities to YOU. Our interface pushes the most relevant and latest leads directly to your dashboard and inbox.

Decrease your sales cycle.

There's no time wasted prospecting, or trying to engage potential needs from potential clients. Once a FedBid-registered Buyer posts a buy, that's it—the competition is on. And that competition will last as long as the Buyer sets it for. Once you enter, you will know exactly how long it is set to continue, and you will know exactly where your bid stands in that competition—plus, you have the power to change your bidding position. FedBid delivers complete confidence and control throughout the sales cycle.

Expand into new markets.

Public and private sector Buyers across the USA post purchasing needs in our online marketplace. From major cities and big universities to massive federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies, the opportunities to start working in another location or with another sector are endless.

Benchmark against the competition.

With FedBid, you always know exactly where you stand against your competitor in real-time competition, but the data goes deeper. Through our online portal, you'll have a full backlog of all competitive events—offering a full view at your sales track record. Our detailed records make it easy to assess where and when you're winning and why, powering future course corrections towards greater results.

Maximize sales resources.

Helping Sellers save prospecting time isn't the only time-saving benefit FedBid Sellers gain...Our highly trained US-based support team is on hand to manage the full bidding and buying process. We interact with the Buyer and then work with you to make sure all questions and concerns are handled. We walk you through any questions you may have about the purchasing need, handle quality assurance and guide you through the bidding process. Then at the end, we handle the final paperwork. It's all done for you—and all transactions are securely stored online, for instant access and full historical reporting.