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Procurement at its Most Powerful

There's no secret to what makes FedBid effective. It's the win-win connection between Sellers looking for real opportunities and Buyers searching for best value. Our product delivers to both through a combination of our algorithm-driven, highly-tested, secure interface running buys managed by our highly-trained, U.S.-based service and support teams. Our powerful people + product combo delivers a wide spectrum of features and benefits other companies can't—as part of our overall no upfront fee, no risk, no commitment package.

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Seller Features

  • Opportunity Dashboard

    Opportunity Dashboard

    Track and repost bids, deliver attachments to Buyers, and more. Stay in control of your sales efforts at no extra cost.

  • Dedicated Market Support + Training

    Dedicated Support + Training

    Our Market Specialists help you learn about the marketplace and match you with the opportunities most relevant to your company.

  • Push Notifications

    Receive new opportunity notifications instantly. Streamline your sales efforts with direct leads from our marketplace.

  • Competitive Intel

    Competitive Intel

    Access ultra-granular reports that help you target opportunities your team has the best shot at winning.

  • Real Opportunity

    Real Opportunity

    Get no-cost access to thousands of real sales opportunities from both public and private sectors.